We love to see how your puppy is getting on so please send us your photos!


Missy - Bassett Hound

Hello Chris, here are some photos of Missy the Bassett Hound we bought from you 5 weeks ago.

Dolly - Cavachon

Hi Chris, here are some pictures of Dolly.

She's doing really well and we are so happy with her.

She's got such a lovely character.


Ronnie and Oscar

Hi Chris, how's things going?

Oscar is doing really well, nearly as tall as Ronnie now but not very wide.

Getting along fine, bit of jelousy every so often but I don't have a whining Ronnie when I go out and just have two following from time to time lol

Joy, Kent




These two settled in well!

Lyndsey, Croydon


Met the boys and it all went fine. He slept through the night, no accidents and didn't scream at all.

Cheryl - Surrey


Hi Chris its Joy with Ronnie, We purchased our Cocker Spaniel during the summer.

He is now 6 months and doing grand.

My in - laws a looking for a show Cocker. Ronnie is so lovely. Hard to walk at times as everyone stops to say hello!

Joy, Kent


Hi Chris, 3 weeks on Saturday and the boys are amazing. Playing in the garden, most of which ends up in the dining room!

And have already mastered sit and stay for at least 30 seconds.

Couldn't be more pleased. Great personalities and almost respond to their names, will come to me with a whistle and had a few training sessions with their harnesses and leash.

First puppy class next Saturday. Will let you know how they're going.

Lynda, EastSussex

Murphy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hi! Just thought I'd let you know that Murphy has been doing really well - slept through, eating and doing her business outside :-)

Thanks again for everything!

Marie, Surrey

Yorkshire Terrier

My mum loves him! Thank you so much.

You can see she adores him already! He ate his lunch and he's been out in the garden and been clean

We are all very happy we have him. Gorgeous little dog. Thank you.

Beverley, Kent

Bear the Cockapoo

We got a Cockapoo from here in February and he has settled in brilliantly. Doglings have been in touch to see how he is. Very happy we have a lovely member of our family.

Gemma, West Sussex

Bella the Basset

We are really pleased with our Basset puppy Bella. We searched for ages for her breed and the doglings owner Chris contacted a breeder he deals with and found exactly what we asked for. She came to us in good health and already deflead, wormed and with her first vaccine given. She has settled into our family without any problems and has already given us enormous pleasure. Thank you so much. We will recommend you to our family and friends.

Paul and Audrey Edwards (and Bella Of Course!), Surrey


Little Bali has settled into our lives perfectly. Thank you so much for answering all of my questions and being so helpful.

I could not be happier with my little bundle of joy.

Steph, Maidstone

Ferne the Finn the Collies

Everybody loves Finn, he is so quiet and huggable, Ferne is a cutie but she is the naughty one and leads Finn astray, she also loves a cuddle and I am glad that I did have two. Such adorable puppies.

Julie and Neil, Surrey



Jalee with Phillip and Rosie 3 very loved dogs.

We got our first little puppy from Chris in September 2011. She is an amazing, perfect little diva Chihuahua. Our gorgeous Philippe we have had for 2 years and has turned out so handsome and perfect nature. Our 3rd little Chihuahua was also from Chris and we cant fault her, we love our small herd of dogs. Chris was always on hand to answer any questions and talked us through everything before each puppy. We are considering getting our fourth pup and know where we will be getting here from doglings!

Lenard and Jake, Brighton.

Chester the Jug

Just a few photos of my Jug, Chester, that got from you in January.

Chester is doing very well and is such a great little character, very well behaved in every aspect. He has given me so much joy and everyone we meet.

People want to know where I got him as he is such a good looking pup!

I will send more photos in the future as Chester grows and has more adventurous walkies.

- Ms C Parsons


Ziggy the Cockapoo

Hi Chris, I hope all is well in Doglings world! Just thought you might like some updated pictures of Ziggy at 6 months.

Winning first prize for 'sit, give paw, lie down and recall' race at puppy training class!

- Roupar, SE London


Westiepoo "Angus" bought yesterday is now vaccinated, wormed, insured (with Tesco) etc , and settled in quite happily with his big "brother" Bruce.

Toilet training has commenced!

Thanks for selling this little charmer!


We had been searching for a puppy for months before coming across 'Doglings'. Elizabeth and Chris could not have been more helpful giving advice every step of the way.

'Toto' has settled well into our home and we are extremely happy with her. She's very much part of our family already. 

Bertie and Bella

Hi there, just thought I'd send you a couple of photos of Bertie and Bella who we bought from you in December.

They are both adorable, hard work with two but worth it!



Hi, do you remember I got the Shih Tzu from you two years ago - he has one blue eye and one brown? I just wanted to send you a photo of him and let you know how great he is.

He is adored by my family and treated like a king. The groomer he goes to say he is their favourite dog, the ladies say he is a fantastic character. A credit to your breeding for sure.

Anja - Yorkshire Terrier

Thank you very much! Pup is settling in so well - already knows the good places to be... the sofa and the bed. He's such a lovely boy, he has his crazy periods too! Paws at the door to go out to the toilet.


Lola - Cavalier King Charles

Hi Chris, thank you for the DNA results great news. Lola is doing very well, running wild!Thanks for all your help.

Cemille, Enfield

Cavalier King Charles

Hi Chris, Journey home was good. She slept all the way. Eating well etc. Thanks again.

Mr Taylor, Portsmouth

Misty - Old English Sheepdog

Hi, Just want to thank you. Misty is her name she's gorgeous and yes she's such a trouble maker.Misty settled in very well, only three accidents since having her, she is great.

Louise, Hastings


Didn't make a peep all the way home. Was a little scared to get out the carry case at first but has been running around like mad since. Scoffed her dinner down and was looking for more. Just gone to sleep on my lap.

Paul, Essex

Summer - Cavachon

Hi Elizabeth, I hope this email finds you well? I purchased a beautiful Cavachon from you roughly a year ago. She is amazing! I was wondering if you will be having any more in the future? We would love to get her a friend.

Jack, Leicestershire

Lulu - Cavalier King Charles

Hi Chris Lulu is settling in nicely in her new home. She is a lovely playful pup, we are very happy with her. Great news on the clear DNA results. I will text you from time to time to let you know how she is getting on. She is a superb little dog.

Gillian, Kent

British Bulldog

Well he slept the whole way home! He snuggled before bed with my kids and has had his dinner. Now asleep again cuddling a teddy! lol.. Thank you so much and what a lovely set up you have. He's adorable. Very cheeky and I am quick to discover they're certainly not as quick to learn as our labs in the past. He loves his crate and is sooo affectionate with the kids. Thank you and appreciate your help.

Sammy Dover

Ziggy - Cockapoo

Hi Chris, I hope you don't mind me contacting you on whatsapp but it will be easier to send you pictures of Ziggy on here. Ziggy has settles in very well and has already been trained to sleep in his crate where he slept last night.

Roupar, London

Buster - Beagle

Hi mate, Buster is four months now and is such a cute good natured pup. Its fair to say he is a very much loved family member. I hope you are well.

James, West Sussex


Hi Chris, the Schnoodle is settling in very well and he is a playful and happy puppy. Thanks for your help in this, Ive recommended you to a couple of my friends.

Matty, Coulsdon

Heidi - Jug

We got our first puppy Heidi from Doglings in March 2016. She is a lovely puppy, loves lots of cuddles and kisses. She has settled really quickly and friendly with everyone who comes to visit and gets very excited when someone comes in. Chris was always on hand to answer and questions and talked us through everything we needed to know, he is always there to help. We would definitely get another puppy from Doglings.

Charlotte and Ben, Surrey

Chocolate Labrador

Hello, I bought the chocolate Labrador off you on Saturday, just wanted to let you know he's adorable beautiful little boy and settling in really well. The bigger Lab is getting used to him slowly, but going to take time. I have recommended you to my cousin, she will be ringing you when she gets back from holiday. Thanks again.

Mrs Ireland, Surrey

Working Cocker Spaniel

Hi, just to let you know puppy spaniel was asleep all the way home and has settled in fine.

Also slept all night no problem. Thank you!

Mrs Wallis, Essex